A centralized protection desk by ABAS IPS Management and a Specialized receiving centre combines remote surveillance, security dispatching and remote checking and servicing of FM technologies. Thanks to the state-of-the-art smart systems we can analyse received data and guarantee expense saving, security, and, above all, convenience for our customers.


Linked with the low-current systems CCTV, EPS, PZTS, EKV, PER, MaR and other security components

Guarding and monitoring of an object with supervisory centre with utilization and analysis of recordings and of online broadcasts CCTV and VCP

Work in graphical resolution (e.g. C4)

Object status control by an emergency team

Remote electronic checking of regimes of entries EKV, CCTV, PZTS

Around-the-clock emergency – management and coordination of mobile emergency security teams, breakdown services and technicians

Dispatching and online monitoring of bodyguarding and transportation of valuables

Checking of cooling devices, regulation of the heat consumption

Remote video monitoring, supervising and video forensics

CAR CONTROL – Movement control and checking of legitimate use of vehicles

Checking of movement of individuals in the object

Securing the object against any further damages

The DISTRESS service – a swift call for help


Continuous monitoring of the area
Checking of people and vehicles – monitoring of entrances and entryways
Supervision of specific areas – vault rooms, etc.
Surveillance of warehouses and floor spaces – minimalization of losses
Work with recordings – reverse tracking of the origins of an extraordinary situation, theft, etc.
Immediate insight and description of the current situation in the object – linked to the response of the armed response unit
Specific security and marketing analysis


Admission of demands
Repair of urgent malfunctions

That is why we can promptly react to any and all malfunctions, breakdowns or outages in your object that could otherwise, without our prompt intervention, cause damages (non-functioning freeze boxes, air-conditioning system malfunction, failure in automated production process, etc.) We record and deal with any incurred situation.