We implement new, fully automated gatehouses for unattended modern/smart solutions.

Automated gatehouse works on the principle of several cameras capable of detecting license plates and other parameters.

Everything is controlled by special intelligent software designed for unattended service.

Expenses for personnel minimised

Elimination of the error rate of human factor

Acceleration of the entire process of check in – both in passageway and alleyway


Bullet camera
Bar codes
License plates/registration
number cameras
Pedestrian visits
Printing of sets
and weight info
Sensors for the
vehicle’s position
Transport signalling
Cargo weight


Savings in personnel

Increase in the compound’s security

Automatic acquiring of operational data and generaton of precise statistics

Evidence conclusiveness

Swift and comfortable check-in

Instant information about the situation in the compound

Communication with other systems

Acceleration of the entire process of inputting visitors by the employment of ID scanners

Assurance of correctness of filled-in entries

Verification of authenticity and validity of documents via an ID scanner

Check-in of visitors done via a tablet with an access system


The high level of automated processing of every situation represents a significant increase in comfort and reduction of expenses for personnel service
Every vehicle’s passage is recorded including a picture of the licence plate/registration number and a picture from the bullet camera
Two-way communication with all the gatehouse’s systems and with the weight terminal
Entry rights widely scaled for various levels of users